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Written by MiriamSpall on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 10:06

Nerf gun parties are so much fun for children and parents alike! For the past two years my son Alex (11) has been a fan of nerf guns and loves to play mini battles with his friends. He plays at home, but there isn't enough space to run around, and the bullets get lost and eaten by the dog in the garden.  For his birthday this year, I wanted him to have the ultimate Nerf Gun party experience, and this time, I was looking for professional guidance to set the rules, organize the games and mediate the teams.

Whilst looking around I was recommended Epic Party UK, and I soon messaged them on Facebook. The guy who runs it (Johnny) called me, I had so many questions!  Communication was flawless from the very beginning to the very end, and what an experience it was, fun for EVERYONE!

Details of my party:

  1. I booked a 1.5 hour party with Epic Party UK (for more information about party packages click here).
  2. I booked a sports hall for 2h. Your venue should be a minimum of 6m x 12m (1 Badminton Court).
  3. I invited 25 children to the party.
  4. Children were allowed to bring their own Nerf guns with their name clearly labelled. I wouldn't recommend this!
  5. Safety glasses, ammunition and guns were provided.
  6. Children need to dress accordingly, wearing trainers and sports clothes.
  7. Music is played throughout the games.
  8. Small breaks are taken throughout the party for water.
  9. My son is deaf, and Johnny was great accommodating to his needs.

What I loved about it:

It is always stressful to host a party, no matter how well planned it is. Once the party started, parents sat down at the table to watch the children play. To our surprise, we were given Nerf guns and ammunition to shoot at the children!  

We burst out laughing as we started targeting our own children. The look on their faces when they realised we had guns, was priceless, and they loved the fact that we were involved.

I soon relaxed and sat back whilst the children ran around playing games, laughing and burning some energy. Us parents do not get to play along at parties, so this was a big plus for us.  

Johnny is very professional, and keeps calm under pressure and chaos! From the moment he takes charge, it turns into a structured military battle experience. He has a commanding voice and is great at keeping the children engaged and following instructions. At one point they were so loud that my voice would get lost and it was hard to get their attention! Johnny realised I might need a little help and got the children to gather around the table to sing Happy Birthday, and to sit down for snacks.

When the party finished he organized the children for a group photo, and encouraged them to pose army-style. This was such a great touch, as I got the perfect memorabilia of the event. I couldn’t recommend Epic Parties UK highly enough.

About Epic Parties UK

Johnny has a background in outdoor activities, childcare, laser tag and has worked in a children's home. With plenty of portable bunkers (including an inflatable tank, 4 crates and 8 barrels as well as some camouflage walls), they can go to any venue in Suffolk and large portions of Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. As they only use top of the range foam dart blasters, and provide all the relevant safety equipment, you can be sure everyone will be safe (for extra reassurance, they do of course have full public liability insurance up to £5 million).

T: 07467943986

E: info@epicpartyuk.com

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