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Written by MiriamSpall on Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 10:56

Written by Katie Mackenzie

I took my 5 year old daughter to see the Ballad of Rudy at the Wolsey Studio – note, it’s at the Wolsey Studio, not the main theatre, as I carelessly assumed it was, having not read the details properly. So we had a mad dash up the road in the pouring rain to get there on time!

The Wolsey Studio is a great little theatre, and because the seating is long benches, it makes it much more comfortable for small children as they can sit on their parents’ laps which gives them a better view. The auditorium is quite small so everyone can see and feel involved. On the way into the theatre, my daughter spotted the child-height handrail up the stairs, underneath the grownups’ one, which is a lovely touch. The whole atmosphere is very welcoming for children.

The Ballad of Rudy is set in the arctic and is about Rudy the Reindeer, who is different to all the other reindeer and feels like he doesn’t fit in. Over the course of the show he meets a number of different polar animals, who through music and songs help him find his “jazz”. The songs are bluesy and jazzy, and got all the children and adults in the audience dancing and joining in with the moves. The three actors are great singers and play a range of instruments, and there are puppets and lighting effects too. There are a couple of serious messages in there, with a song about the melting ice, and also the overall theme about how it is good to be different. But those messages don’t overshadow the fun and all the children in the audience appeared captivated by it. The 55 minute show moves along at a good pace and keeps the young ones’ attention. My 5 year old was smiling and laughing throughout and I’d say it will appeal to children from 3 to around 7 or 8.

The Ballad of Rudy is a lovely way to spend a bit of time with young kids over the festive period, and makes a welcome break from the busyness of Christmas shopping in town. My daughter and I definitely enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

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