Cinderella at The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich- Our Review

Written by MiriamSpall on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 14:19

Get ready for some serious laughter and quality entertainment at this year’s New Wolsey panto production of “Cinderella”.

The New Wolsey is one of my favourite local theatres, as it has the community at it's heart. From their local productions to their “access to all” performances, it has been designed to look after each and everyone of us, whether you need Audio Description, British Sign Language, Captioning, Relaxed Performances or Dementia Friendly Performances, they have got it covered!

Every year, we look forward to Peter Rowe’s panto production for a few reasons; the original creative direction, the characters multifaceted skills (they act, sing and play an instrument, throughout the show), the unexpected funny lines and the perfectly chosen cast, making it the perfect night out for the whole family.

This year, widowed Baron Hardup, played by Steve Simmons, is looking for love and a new mum for Cinderella, played by Daniela Piper. His wish finally comes true in the form of evil “Rubella” played by Susannah Van Den Berg, who is looking for a wealthy suitor for herself and her two “pretty ugly” daughters Hernia and Verruca (Sean Kingsley & Adan Langstaff).

Prince Charming is also looking for love and we all know how the story goes! Sweet Cinderella meets a Fairy Godmother, who transforms her into a Princess in time for the ball, but she MUST return before midnight! Would she make it on time? To what lengths would the ugly sisters go to fit into the crystal slipper?

A special mention goes to Buttons, played brilliantly by James Haggie, he will leave you in tears pretty much every time he delivers a line. I have seen him in previous productions and he always manages to add his personal spin to the characters he plays, he is such a gifted comedian.

Prince Charming is played by Chris Vince who was a member of the New Wolsey Young Company and who is doing his professional debut this year!  He had a couple of wardrobe malfunctions throughout the show as the sole of his boot came out and one of his shoulder pads was swinging back and forth throughout his performance, but somehow this just added more laughter to the performance.

Expect plenty of their signature “rock’n’roll” performances, and audience participation. Highly recommended!

My highlights

  • The stunning design ballroom stage design, which included chandeliers and mirrors
  • Buttons high pitched voice!
  • The ugly sisters struggling to be “ladies”
  • Dandini (Mark Newnham) teaching Prince Charming how to “charm” the ladies
  • Favourite song “Raining Men”

Other information:


New Wolsey theatre

  • Box office: 01473 295900
  • Lockers & storage – lockers are in the front of house cloakroom and there is no fee
  • Disabled Concessions: They offer a flat rate companion ticket of £10.00.
  • Alternative viewing: If an audience member is making involuntary noise they would not ask them to leave the auditorium, however if a companion decides to come out of the auditorium they have a quiet bar area where you watch the performance on a TV screen.
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