Crabbing at Walberswick & Walberswick Beach

Written by MiriamSpall on Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 18:26

Ever since I read about the crabbing championships in Walberswick I wanted to come and have a go at crabbing with my son. It sounded like so much fun..! So we went shopping for a crabbing kit and off we went. Sadly the championships stopped in 2011 due to the overwhelming response but hopefully it will open again sometime in the future.

We drove through the village looking for parking, we passed the village hall and a small playground before we found the car park (£3.00 all day) There was an ice cream van that was selling catching nets for £1.50 which came in handy because we needed to grab the crabs  with the net right away or they would fall off back into the water. There were a couple of dozen people, some on the bridge and some on the banks of the river, everyone has their own “technique” to catch crabs and it was quite interesting to observe the various methods. It didn't take long before we caught our first crab, which was quite exciting..

It was nice to see so many children having so much fun, and there were some children who quite happily played knee deep in the mud! Families gathered around the river bank with their folding chairs whilst their children were crabbing. It was fun, Alex enjoyed telling us what to do and letting the crabs go at the end. We decided to go for lunch after letting the crabs go back to the river We went to the village town and went to a restaurant located through an alleyway, it had a nice outside seating area and the menu sounded great! I had to say the food was amazing, the soft goats cheese melted in my mouth, the paninis were clearly freshly made.

The cherry tomatoes were very sweet surely grown in someones back garden, and for dessert award winning Honeycomb ice cream from Alderburgh. Prices weren't the cheapest but worth every penny..! We headed to the beach at around 3.00 pm it was very windy, perfect day for flying kites and we saw a few. The beach was like coming down to a perfect family portrait, sandy beaches, kites flying in the blue sky, children's laughter, the seagulls flying above the sea and even an artist painting near the sea shore.  


What a beautiful place this is, lovely food, friendly people, idyllic landscape, what a Suffolk gem. The crabbing was fun and very simple to do, Alex loved letting the crabs go back to the river and wanted to come back for more after the beach.

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