Let's go to the theatre! - shows in Bury St Edmunds in October

Written by SarahSteel on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 22:09

Shows around Suffolk in October

This time of year is great for taking our youngsters to see a play or performance. Even if the weather's not so great, a theatre trip is your saviour - there's no need to face the disappointment of cancelling a day out due to bad weather, or the frustration of kicking about wondering what to do on a wet and blowy day. And what's more, with half term this month too, there's the chance to take catch a daytime performance and still get your little treasures to bed early. Whichever part of Suffolk you're in, there's bound to be something going on at a theatre near you over the next month or so. The only problem is going to be deciding which of the fabulous shows to take them to!

This handy list should help you along the way to making up your mind.

Bury St Edmunds

What: Harry Panto and the Chamber Pot of Secrets
When: October 23rd, 2-4pm
Where: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3FD
The vibe: Harry fans will love this show... but so will just about anybody with a sense of fun. Music, magic and mayhem are all promised. Recommended age 5+ years.

What: Into the Woods
When: October 10th-13th 7.30pm, October 14th 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Where: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR
The vibe: A kind of fairytale mash-up following the stories of several well-known characters, not to mention plenty of music and a Witches curse. Recommended age 5+ years.

What: The Snowlies
When: October 15th 2.30pm
Where: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR
The vibe: A magical story telling session delivered by the Snowlie Queen herself. Join her on stage for an hour of wonder. Suitable for all ages.

What: Crafty's Creepy Castle
When: October 22nd, 1pm and 3.30pm
Where: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR
The vibe: Billed as the "Spookiest Trick Or Treat show ever", this show promises plenty of fun and laughter too. Kids are encouraged to come in fancy dress. Suitable for age 2-7 years.

What: Bookstory
When: October 24th, 3pm
Where: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR
The vibe: Fluttering books, the mystery of Brian, some songs and a cast of puppets - you just know this is going to be a big hit with kids and adults alike! Suitable for age 5+.

What: Stickman
When: October 26th 2pm and 4pm, October 27th 11am and 1.30pm
Where: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR
The vibe: Stickman really requires no introduction, if you have kids you already know about the brilliantly batty rhymes of Julia Donaldson. This time delivered with actors, puppets, music and movement. Suitable for all ages.


TIPS - a few things to make your trip stress-free and super-enjoyable

1. Allow plenty of time to get there - the show won't wait for you to arrive and you don't want to miss the curtain call!

2. Book in advance - even if you only decide on the day, it's still worth calling to be sure that you can all get in

3. Sit near the aisle - especially if you have toddlers (and often with older kids too!), there's a good chance they'll want to visit the loo during the performance

4. Take snacks - this is a real life-line with younger kids, just in case their attention wanes at any point

5. Enjoy! If you're having a great time so will they.

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