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Written by MiriamSpall on Friday, May 31, 2019 - 09:53

Reviewed by Hannah Cotton

Yesterday afternoon I took my two boys, aged four and two years old, to see In The Night Garden Live at The Ipswich Regent. We went to the 4pm performance. That’s an interesting time of day in most households with small children isn’t it?! So needless to say I was somewhat apprehensive about how events would unfold. I shouldn’t have been. We had a truly wonderful time! The boys absolutely loved the performance and I must agree with them, it really was wonderful.
It can sometimes be stressful arriving anywhere with two small people in tow. This wasn’t the case when we arrived at the theatre. There were stewards and members of staff available to help with the pushchair and offer directions. There were plenty of booster seats available and lots of space to leave pushchairs safely too. Thankyou Ipswich Regent; your friendliness and hospitality was very much appreciated.
The boys absolutely loved the giant In The Night Garden Live poster in the foyer. It really set the scene and raised excitement levels! The boys even posed happily for photos.
Also in the foyer there was the usual programme and merchandise for sale. I usually bypass this and claim it’s all too expensive and feel like a bad mum. However, I bought the boys a hand puppet each for £4.50 which I thought was more than reasonable. Armed with our puppets and sweeties we found our seats 20 mins before the start time. I was worried that this was too long a wait however there was so much to watch and take it that boys sat motionless and open mouthed for that time! Fabulous!
The performance was an hour long, without an interval. The length was perfect, not too long which when you live with a ticking time bomb of a two year old this was very much appreciated. The boys were in utter awe for the majority of the performance... and to be honest... so was I!! It was absolutely wonderful from start to finish.
After five minutes my four old exclaimed in a really loud voice ‘it’s just like on the tele’. And that’s exactly what it was. So often, I take my kiddies to stage performances of their favourite books and the story line strays so far from the original that they don’t even realise what they are watching. This wasn’t the case at all and the boys were absorbed throughout.
A highlight for me was when the inflatable ‘Pinky Ponk’ floated out from the stage and over the audience. This was exciting and lovely to see, The performance was an absolute win for me. My four year old laughed out loud with utter joy, my two year old remained in his seat for the duration (amazing!!), both boys are still talking about the performance this morning and we are watching the programme on repeat on the iPlayer so I think it’s safe to say they loved it.
Thankyou ‘In The Night Garden Live’ and Ipswich Regent; we had the best time!!
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